Making Connections

One of the most exciting parts of planning this trip has been the serendipitous conversations that I’ve had that have led to me finding out about an increasingly wide network of siblings. As an example, I was at a lunch meeting yesterday with a few adults from the Princeton community about potentially collaborating on a project with them. Towards the end of the conversation, one of the adults asked me what I would be doing this summer which led me to give my short spiel about Sibs’ Journey. After I explained the project, she immediately told me about a Princeton professor/ neuroscience wizard that she said I absolutely had to talk to. His name is Sam Wang and his research interests include the neuroscience of autistic individuals as well as generally that of family members of people with mood disorders, substance abuse issues or disorders including ASD. Check out this article about his recent study which proposes that having a family history of certain psychiatric conditions can help predict what your intellectual interests and passions might be. Fascinating stuff!





One thought on “Making Connections

  1. Very interesting research article, and fascinating to see how your network of connections is expanding!
    I’m sure all of this interest in your work, and this topic, helps validate the importance of this project, and the valuable insights it will provide about the lived experience of the siblings. A large audience awaits the results (and adventures) of this journey!

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