Our New Subtitle: Broadening the Narrative

This morning, as Ellie, Renee, and I wandered through the beautiful woods bordering Chapel Hill, North Carolina, I got to thinking about how we had frequently discussed how it would be nice to have a subtitle for our project to complement Sibs’ Journey. As I walked on, I started thinking about how very important it was to me to make it clear to any sib that stumbled upon our blog that no matter how raw their story was, if they felt comfortable sharing it, we wanted to hear it. Most of the motivation behind this project came from my frustration that none of the narratives that I had heard about being a sibling of someone with special needs resonated with me. Because of that, I often felt like my feelings about my family weren’t valid and therefore weren’t okay to share. Throughout this project, one of my ultimate goals is to broaden that narrative; to listen to and share the stories of sibs who defy and redefine the cliches about what it’s like to be a sib while simultaneously pushing our thinking around how we view our siblings with disabilities. So, at least for now, we’re taking a plunge with this new subtitle, Sibs Journey: Broadening the Narrative. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!



One thought on “Our New Subtitle: Broadening the Narrative

  1. I think it’s a great idea to “broaden the narrative!” Not only will it allow for a broader range of perspectives, concerns, questions, but it’s a way of broadening the narrative long beyond your trip; another method of sustaining this project. So glad that you have allowed many of us to “come along for the ride.” Thanks so much.

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