Update on Sibs’ Journey Phase 2

Hello 2014!

A lot has happened for Sibs’ Journey since the New Year. We have started planning our conference in full gear! We have met with legal professionals, researchers, and special needs programs all over the Boston area and so far have a really wonderful team behind us! We are pummeling through our applications for fellowships and grants and are still looking into other ways to fund this endeavor. As a reminder, we are hoping to bring in lawyers to talk about special needs trusts and what a sibling’s role can be, researchers and medical professionals to speak about developmental disabilities and new sibling research, and various organizations (residential and recreational) to present a myriad of options for living a fulfilling life with a DD and the sibling’s role.

We know that a conference has the ability to create a powerful community of siblings, advocating for services for their families.  We believe in siblings; their tenacious spirit, and their willingness to help but also their desire to be heard.  This is why we are so fired up about making this conference happen. Stay tuned for ways that you all can help out as readers and supporters!

Last thing: we’re now officially http://www.sibsjourney.org. Pretty official, right?

Thank you all so much for reading and believing,

The Sibs’ Journey Team


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