Conference Schedule

Friday, June 20: Fostering Connections and Comfort

2-5:30: Arrival, check-in, move-in for conference participants.

5:30-6: Conference 101: Will include an overview of the conference schedule, conference demographics (how many, from what state, what age, etc), as well as a short section on guidelines for living at the conference. Participants will have the opportunity to ask any questions!

6-7:  Dinner on campus. At dinner, participants will be led in a discussion of what they want to get out of the conference. These discussions will be led by older siblings who will take note of the participants’ goals and objectivefs or he nd.

7:10-8:”Who are you outside of your role as a sib?”: Conference participants will be divided into small groups to get to know one another. Activities will include: icebreakers ranging from short name games to more substantial sharing about participants’ backgrounds and interests. The focus of this session will be to allow participants to start to make connections with one another. This will help create a sustainable network of college-aged sibs for participants to draw on even after they leave the conference.

8:15-9: Speaker — Hannah Hoffman , an adult sib that we interviewed over the summer who also serves on the board of the Massachusetts Sibling Support Network (MSSN). The focus of her speech will likely be on how her relationship with her sibling has evolved over time.

9:10-10: The Sibs’ Journey story

Saturday, June 21: You and Your Sib!

8:00-9:00: Breakfast (optional)

9:10-9:45: “Mapping Out Your Sibling Experience”: Conference participants will spend the morning reflecting and sharing the specifics of their relationship with their sibling. Activities will include: creating a timeline of “critical identity moments” throughout your relationship, reflecting on where and when you feel most and least comfortable being with your sib, and a discussion of future planning with the theme of ‘what do you want the future roadmap to look like?’

10:00-11:30: MSSN General Presentation

11:30 – 12:30 : Lunch on campus — Sib Panel with MSSN and older sibs moderated by Don Meyer

12:45 – 12:55 : Explanation of break-out sessions.

We will allow participants to choose 3 different sessions they would like to attend. Already confirmed to present are: Ken Shulman (Day Pitney, LLP) who will be speaking about special needs trust funds and responsibilities of being a trustee and/or legal guardianship; Gael Orsmond, sib research, KristaRose Popek, from the Lurie Center and Mass General who will be speaking about autism and communicating options

1-1:40: First Session

1:45 – 2:25: Second Session

2:30 – 3:10: Third Session

3:15-4:20: Free time on the Great Lawn (music, frisbee, yoga), hiking on trails near Brandeis.

4:30-5:30: Keynote: Don Meyer

5:30 – 10: Free time in Boston: we want to give participants a chance to get to know each other casually as well and, after a long day of formal presentations, it would be nice to allow them to mingle freely with one another.

Sunday, June 22: Where Do You and We Go from Here?

8:00-9:00: Breakfast

9:00-9:30: “Re-examining the roadmap”: Participants will have the opportunity to look over their future roadmap from the beginning of the conference with the goal of editing based on new information or new ideas from other sibs.

9:30-12: “Siblings as Activists”:  Sibling Leadership Network (SLN) presentation. Katie Arnold, director of the SLN,  and Allegra Stout, a community organizer, will present and lead a workshop on how to best advocate with their siblings and how siblings could create change as a collective. Discussion leaders will lead a session on how to utilize the tools and ideas gained in the conference to positively influence your family and community.

12-1:30 Lunch / Goodbye




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