Our Greatest Cheerleaders

In an effort to make sure our views are completely clear, we want to provide a page that focuses on how incredibly passionate, strong, brave, selfless people our parents are. Though this blog puts a strong emphasis on a sibling’s role in a family, we in no way want to denote the merits of which we commend our parents.

From Ellie: My parents are easily the strongest people I know. They have tackled our home situation with poise, creativity, thoughtfulness, and charisma. They not only allowed me outlets and opportunities in my life but also provided me with incredibly strong ethics and morals by which I live my life. My parents have always been there for me, as well as my sister, embodying powerful and inspiring mentors that I continually look to for help and guidance in most situations in my life. I would absolutely not be the voracious reader, constant studier, coffee-drinker, Giants-baseball-lover, and woman I am today without my two biggest role models.

From Claire: Throughout my 20 years on this earth, I have been consistently impressed and empowered by my parents ability to be graceful under pressure. Between my brother and I, we’ve thrown plenty of hurdles at them and somehow they always managed to guide us gently along our paths. From picking up countless orders of Sushi Rock to planning often spur-of-the-moment but usually awesome vacations for us, our parents were so often thinking of us that I often reflected on how rare it was for them to simply think about themselves. I am so thankful for them always pushing me to be the best version of myself but also in recent years, their constant reassurance that it was okay if I gave myself a little bit of slack. I am so eternally grateful (even if it doesn’t always seem like it) that y’all are letting me kidnap your car for this entire summer and I hope you enjoy following this journey that is so close to my heart.

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3 thoughts on “Our Greatest Cheerleaders

  1. WOW! Great parents Ellie and Claire! I too had a terrific mother. Sadly, my mother passed away in 1999. Raising four children, two older with intellectual disabilities and two younger, as a single woman in the 1960’s, her ability to be our greatest cheerleader and maintain the strength to simply survive will always amaze me! After my father died in a car wreck (he was the drunk driver), she was able to use our Social Security income to move our family out of the housing projects and into a “typical” neighborhood by purchasing a home. With four children, two with disabilities, and a husband who an alcolholic

  2. husband who was an alcoholic and no family support, her life was basically guided by circumstances. Regardless of all the trials of single parenting, limited finances, no outside support, etc., my mother always lifted us with praise for even the most minor successes from good grades to projects to skills . . . everyday . . . constant encouragement! She was my biggest fan! Even today I hear her voice cheerleading me on as I continue to make my way through life’s struggles and successes!

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